About Us

Moorwax candles are made individually by hand and then decorated using our unique process which means that each candle is an affordable piece of ‘living art’.

Because of the very high quality of the waxes and wicks that we use, Moorwax candles are very long lasting and clean burning, representing excellent value for money, and are very different to mass produced factory made candles.

Too Nice to Burn…

Probably the most often made remark about our candles is: “they’re very lovely but they’re too nice to burn.” While this is very flattering (we sometimes wonder why we bother to put wicks in them!) this is a misunderstanding of the true nature of a good candle. Because so many people have had bad experiences with poor quality candles they think that all candles are the same. Candles that burn down the middle and drown themselves are all too common these days, the reason for this is usually that the wick is too thin for the candle. The thicker the candlle the thicker the wick should be. It will surprise no one that thin wicks are a lot cheaper than thick ones and that is why cheap candles burn down the middle and drown themselves. If a candle is smoking, trim the wick to 1/4 inch (1cm.) and this should stop the smoking, if it still smokes then the wax is of a poor, unrefined quality.

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The photograph above shows the lovely glowing effect and cleanness of the burn of one of our candles. You can see how it comes to life as it burns, you wouldn't get that effect if it is just left on the shelf without being lit! The candle's burning life can be extended by placing a night light in the shell once the original candle has finished burning.

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We pride ourselves in our ability to match any colour or combination of colours that our customers provide us with. People send us swatches of material, pieces of wallpaper, colour cards (from paint shops) etc. and we match them.

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