We produce candles of many different styles, sizes and colours for general decorative purposes, although some of our most popular candles include outdoor candles and bespoke inscribed candles for weddings…

Outdoor Candles

Our outdoor candles are legendary! In the words of Iain Bishop of Falkirk: “It does a fantastic job of keeping Scottish midges at bay!” From the photograph opposite you can see two very important features of our outdoor candles:-

They burn right to the edge of the pot.

Because we put lots of citronella oil into the wax and then pour the wax into the pot they give off plenty of fumes to keep unwanted insects away. Citronella is a natural insect repellant, made from the essential oil produced  by a grass, (cymbopogon), related to lemon grass, that grows in Java and Sri Lanka. The oil works by confusing biting insects into thinking you are a plant, thus making them look elsewhere for some flesh to bite!

We make outdoor candles in a wide variety of containers, dependant on what we are able to buy at the time, and also fill/refill customers own pots. As well as the container candles we also make citronella-scented pillar candles for use inside rooms, tents caravans etc, which due to their lighter weight are more suitable for taking on holidays abroad to keep mosquitos away.

Wedding Candles

Here at Moorwax we know that peoples’ wedding day is the most important day in their lives and we endeavour to do all we can to make our contribution as perfect as possible. We make a lot of inscribed candles for weddings, either as ‘one offs’ with the bride and groom’s names and the date of the wedding or similar candles for every table or every guest as a souvenir of the day.

We also make a large variety of candles to match the decor at the reception or church. All of these orders are manufactured to the clients’ individual requirements. As a small personally owned company we are able to offer a service that a larger company either could not or would not offer. Colour matching can be done if we have a sample such as a swatch of material, paper napkin, paint card etc. to copy.

The examples in the photographs on this page are just a few actual commissions that we have undertaken for customers and give an idea of the breadth of designs we can make. The boundaries of what we can do are only restricted by your (and our) imagination and what can physically be made out of wax!

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PRODUCTS PAGE – image of outdoor candle

PRODUCTS PAGE – text as shown below

They do not blow out even in strong winds, this photograph was taken in a strong wind for illustrative purposes only, the usual size of the flame is one third of that in the photograph!

PRODUCTS PAGE – image (Janet & John) candle

PRODUCTS PAGE – wedding candles young lady

PRODUCTS PAGE – large heart wedding candle